3 Smart Ways to Revamp Registration Process of Your ECommerce Site

Before getting into the details of making registration process easier, you need to clearly understand why such eCommerce registration is important. Well, if a user completes the registration process, even if he or she doesn’t buy anything from your online store, you can get the details of that particular visitor. This information would help you in making a future marketing strategy for that visitor. You can approach that potential buyer with a personalised approach in future. Here is a list of a few smart ways to revamp the registration process for your eCommerce website.

Make it Easily Visible

When you offer the users or the visitors a smooth navigation process, they would automatically love your website a bit more than other websites where they become confused with the complex navigation process. Make registration or the login button clearly visible. You should not make your visitors look for it. Moreover, try to avoid fancy words for the registration button, use simple and clear words so that the viewers can understand at the first glance that “OK! This is the button for signing up”. There is no fixed place to keep this button. However, the common practice is to place it in the right upper corner of the page.

Shorten the Forms

You should ask only such user information that is relevant for updating your database and that would help you in making marketing strategy. If you ask the visitor to fill up unnecessary, irrelevant and too much information, that would take too much time and the visitors would not give a second thought before leaving your eCommerce website. Asking for the name, email id, to some extent asking for a mobile number is fine. However, if the users find out that they need to put up their bank details to register on your website, they won’t feel safe and would immediately leave it. Hence it is advisable to keep it short, simple and precise.

Make Proper Use of Social Logins

Today, using different social logins to complete the registration process on an eCommerce website is pretty much trending on the market. Using such social logins not only saves a lot of user time but the users don’t need to remember another login password and username as well. Thus, the users become happy as well as you also get the information you needed. More interestingly, such social logins are more valuable as these not only give you a particular user’s information but you get access to his or her friend list along with the products and brands they follow and like. All these information would help you in devising your next marketing strategy or approach that would leave an impact on your eCommerce business growth.

Apart from all these above-mentioned aspects, You should keep in mind that the more distractions you use on your registration page, the users would get more distracted by those. Keep the page simple. More importantly, you should not assume that your visitors know everything about the form fill up process. You should give them clear instructions throughout the process.

Source by Rob Stephen

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