Article Writing That Will Help Grow Your Home Based Business Online

One of the reasons I love writing is the differentiation factor . Each of us has a unique writing style that’s not easy to duplicate.

The best writers are able to educate and entertain at the same time. Humor in writing is not an easy thing to pull off. If you miss the mark just a bit it can have a completely different meaning than one you intended.

This is why emails can create miscommunication between people. Something that sounds funny to you might not be to your readers. Same goes for article writing. You want to be conversational with your writing but be professional.

When in doubt, leave it out. -Janette Stoll

Since generating traffic online depends on the quality of your content … keep these article writing tips in mind.

# 1 Be objective with your writing. Be willing to step back and critique it from a critical eye. Put yourself in your target audience’s place.

# 2 Assess your writing style / tone. Ask yourself … what is the tone of my writing? Does it create the right message for my target audience? Is it too formal?

What makes content marketing powerful is the focus on your target market. Advertising is reaching the masses but with strategic content creation, you can craft a message that’s focused on what your target market is interested in.

Don’t be afraid to add your uniqueness to the article. Rather than writing to inform, add your personality to your writing yet maintain a level of professionalism.

# 3 Practice humility. Share mistakes you’ve made and how you were able to learn from them. I’ve mentioned many mistakes I’ve made with internet marketing and I share these experiences on my blog.

Revealing your mistakes and using it as a learning experience does not make you less of an expert. Adding humility to your writing can be a powerful way to bond with your readers because it shows there’s a real you behind the writing.

Transparency is a good thing because it allows your target audience to connect with the real YOU.

With that said, know the difference between transparency and revealing personal details. Transparency doesn’t mean being personal with your readers ie sharing personal details that you might regret later.

Remember everything you say and do online is a representation of You, Inc.

Every piece of content, even a comment you make on another blog, an update on your Facebook or Twitter, or a “like” on Facebook is a marketing message.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be all business but always think about the long-term affects of what you say at the moment. Use good judgment with every content you broadcast.

There’s a difference between being personal versus personable. The latter is a good thing. Being personable is one of the best ways to connect with your target market. Remember the like and trust factors with every marketing content you create.

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Source by Janette L Stoll

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