Create A One Pager To Pitch Your Startup To Investors

A one-pager is essentially a written pitch for your company. It is a simple and short document that gives a high-level overview of a product, service, or a business. It is a modern version of a brochure.

Investors often see your one-pager; as the executive summary of your project. It is at-a-glance a fact sheet summarizing every important point about your business. One pager is used for promoting your business or what you’re offering, your vision and why you stand out from the competition. It is also a presentation used internally when discussing your venture with other partner and investors. When you want to pitch your business, most people probably listen half or won’t listen to you at all. Presenting yourself with a bulk of the paper is not going to work in the 21st century. There are many online tools that help to build your startups. You should pick a platform that lets you keep your one-pager up to date.

One-Pager Examples:

One-pager is a visual presentation. It is an easy and quick way to present your ideas instead of having to read many pages of documentation. Use different colors and/or copy to individualize each section.

A one-pager is needed to succinctly convey your message to your target audience.

Designing a Beautiful One-Pager:

Keep it simple

¬≠Investors are less likely to read your bundles of page. You must be clear and concise on what you are writing about. It shouldn’t be overcrowded with words. Your one-pager should have easy to read, short and to the point content.

Set up a logical layout

Remember your one-pager is not your description book. It should have a professional look. This shows investors that you make an effort in all aspects of your venture. You should conceptualize the proper structure of your content for an awesome reading experience.

Strengthen your story with multimedia

As we all are a visual learner, it is better to enrich content with photos and videos. No matter how creative content you write, if you don’t use multimedia, chances of losing readers’ interest would be high.

Grammar and spelling

Investors cannot go through unreadable one pager having spelling and grammar mistakes. It doesn’t mean good grammar showers you with good points but definitely bad grammar looks unprofessional and let you down.

The perfect team

Your one-pager must have your team member details – who the team is and how they can perform the task. As Investors invest in people, they are more concern to team who is going to join them.

Uses of One-Pager:

One-pager is needed to succinctly convey your message to your target audience.

Summarize the project in single scroll page

Advertise your local business to other surrounding businesses

Show an overview of a product or services to investors

Summarize your vision and plans

Analyze how you stand from the competition

Allow printout of a one-page synopsis of your product to show to others

Create and establish a visual brand focus

The main objectives of one-pager are to make a personal statement about what you want to deliver to others- what you’re offering- how you’re going about it- what is your vision, final thought- and why you stand out from the competitors?

What should you include in one-pager:

You may get frustrated trying to boil down your big ideas into only one-page. But it might be the only thing an investor reads before deciding to move on with you.

One-pager should include the following:

Customer Problem

Your solution

Business/ Revenue model

Target market

Competitive advantage

Sales/Marketing Strategy

Management team

Financial summary

Funding required

What Not To DO

Create one-pager in such a way that your audience will understand clearly about the literature from your one pager.

Don’t explain too much; you are not retelling the story

Don’t over too many images

Don’t think writing half a page will give it the best impression – make proper use of quotes and images.