Customer Service Interview Questions

There are many questions involving various areas which may be asked for a customer service job. The difference in employers may also add to the diversity of questions. So, the only and best way for you to predict potential questions and make proper answers in an interview is to focus on the type of knowledge and core competencies that the job requires.

Make sure you have read the job description well. The knowledge requirements shall be detailed in the job description, which, in turn, is subject to the type of product, target customer, marketing policy of the company. Nevertheless, typical knowledge in this job should be involved:

  • Knowledge about computer/technology
  • Data entry (for customer data)
  • Information processing
  • Software or programs relating to customer service
  • Written and verbal language
  • Procedures (administrative or clerical)
  • Principles and practices of customer relation job

Be aware of the fact that in a direct interview, your resume/CV shall be another factor that influences on the types of questions to be asked as the employer shall frequently refer to the resume/CV while asking questions.

Those interview questions shall be related to the customer service offered by the company and involved your required skills and abilities to perform the job description. Following are some typical questions about customer relationship:

  1. How is your previous experience in this field?

  2. What do you think make you the potential candidate for this job?

  3. What do you know about our products/services?

  4. Which are your strong points that you think shall be of great contribution to this job?

  5. How about your strong and weak points in contacting with customers?

  6. Do you like being a customer service representative? Why?

  7. What do you think that needs to be done to enhance the quality?

  8. In your previous position, what was the performance or achievements?

  9. Have you ever faced with such a difficult problem with a customer that you couldn’t resolve? How did you handle the situation after that?

  10. Give me an example of when you resolved a customer’s problem exceptionally

  11. Which types of customer service system or software have you been familiar with?

  12. What have you done to improve your services offered to customers?

  13. How to measure your job performance?

  14. What are trends in your field?

  15. How to apply ISO 9001 for this field?

  16. Tell me some procedures in your work?

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