Elevate Your Business to Greater Heights Through Responsive Website Design

While new devices are emerging at a rapid pace, the usage of older devices is dwindling. Nevertheless, they are still in use. With many browsers iterating faster than ever, on an average, we find many small and large devices coming up with incredible web browsing capabilities. With technology evolving at an incredible speed and new devices cropping up, it is imperative to showcase your business website seamlessly across all devices, not ignoring the older yet working devices. New devices will be released, only to be replaced by the latest. Hence, your website should be made compatible with the future releases too.

Before the concept of responsive website design came in, the main trending problem was to decide, the setting up of maximum screen resolution and with the sizes of the mobile device shrinking, the additional challenge was to write a single set of code which would be made compatible across all sizes of devices. This is when the concept of Responsive Website design conceptualized.

Responsive design is a set of techniques and technologies, combined into a single set of code, and delivered across a range of devices.

Responsive in comparison with the traditional

The traditional websites are device specific. The websites are visually appealing when it is viewed on the specified devices, but when the same website is viewed from other devices, having a lesser resolution, then the website will have an altered view, which might turn away your possible customers from your website.

Now coming to the responsive websites, they are not designed for any specific device or resolution. Responsive designs have been often termed also as a ‘fluid design’, because this design will transform its layout, when it is viewed, from a lesser screen resolution, without even having to refresh the page i.e. the website will have a seamless view across all devices.

Why switching over from traditional to responsive websites necessary for business?

Most business owners will have one question lingering in their minds, why is there a need for a responsive website for their business, when they already have a traditional website? The reason for this is simple; to have a wider reach.

There are scores of handheld device users and they are looking for information while they are on their go. They no longer want to be stranded down in one place and get hooked up to a desktop to get information. If you want to enhance your business & target a larger group of visitors, then you should consider switching over to responsive design.

Another reason as to why websites need to be responsive is, Google recommends responsive websites for better optimization

How could responsive web design scale your business to greater heights?

The responsive design will showcase your website pixel perfect across varied devices. This means that the content will be re-arranged to fit any screen size. This also means that you need not write separate codes for various devices and when you ought to make any changes to the site, you need to incorporate the change in the code only once and the change will be reflected across all devices.

Many large and small business organizations are seeking ways to widen their reach and expand their business, with more and more consumers switching over to handheld devices, to view the products, get product related information and have the products online.

While the focus is on the users of handheld devices, we cannot afford to lose the traditional website users. Hence a responsive website will successfully, generate traffic from all ends and an increased web traffic results in increased business.

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