Google Shadow – Is it For You?

Just what is Google Shadow and is it the right for you? These are the questions that many people are asking as all the hype builds surrounding the February 10th launch of the product.

Google Shadow is a well designed membership site that helps struggling internet marketing affiliates with Pay Per Click (PPC), notably AdWords. So, if you’re trying to make some decent money online with AdWords, then this is the product for you.

The Google Shadow program is comprised of two parts:

Exclusive affiliate marketing training material that is simplified and developed to get you understanding the PPC game fast.

An automated software system that takes the guess work out of building AdWords campaigns.

The product received its name from an underground affiliate name Tim Houston. Tim was discovered by Chris X, a well known internet marketer himself who is best known for Day Job Killer and Affiliate Project X. Chris’ products have impacted over 38,000 on-line internet marketing users. His product launches are huge because he always delivers quality material.

In terms of Tim’s credentials, I have learned that he is indeed a big affiliate marketing player. His biggest one-day campaign brought him in over $21,000. His best week, saw him with a $44,000 take. He has even averaged over $100k/month.

Now that Chris X has teamed up with Tim it looks like he is going to deliver again. Google Shadow is a simple yet powerful AdWords crushing system. The techniques in the program can be implemented the same day with very little effort. One of the techniques they use is ‘direct linking’ which allows internet marketing affiliates to directly link an AdWords campaign to a pitch page. This is powerful stuff that allows you to quickly test keywords.

Having reviewed the program, I can safely sum up the following:

Ease of Use – the material is easy to understand and follow; the software is auto-pilot

Proven Techniques – the programs actually work and get you up and running fast!

Inexpensive – a very inexpensive program when compared against other on the market

Since Google Shadow focuses on PPC affiliate marketing, then its safe to assume that if you don’t like PPC, then this product probably isn’t for you.

However, if you new at the PPC game or haven’t had any luck, then I’d suggest you seriously consider this product. The program is very straight forward and allows you to get the key concepts in a very short period. Best of all, you don’t need any fancy web pages or design skills to get started.

The guide contains a host of incredible tips and amazing tricks that the newbie can comprehend quickly.

The software is designed to put all of you AdWords campaigns on auto-pilot. You’ll be pretty impressed with the way the software works and how it can automate your keyword tracking.

Overall, it is easy enough for ANYONE.

Final Verdict: In our view, Google Shadow is an easy, flexible, “pick up and play” plan with little or no flaws; literally anyone can do it. A Top Pick.

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