How Your Small Business Can Attract More Customers With A Mobile Website

Most small business owners are missing out on a great opportunity to attract more customers and get more sales. The reason they are missing out is that they don’t even know there is a problem that is costing them business. The problem is that mobile phones are causing them to lose customers.

As A Smart Business Owner, Ask Yourself These Questions:

  1. Do your customers carry a mobile phone with them?

For perspective, in 2010, 275 million Americans have mobile phone service and 100 million Americans have access to the internet from their mobile devices. That’s not all, as there are five times more mobile devices than computer desktops.

  1. What do your customers see when they go to your website on their mobile phones?

Unfortunately, the mobile phone companies have avoided the issue of how websites appear on their mobile phones. Some even believed that consumers would not even search the mobile web. Well, there are over 500 million searches on the mobile web.

And, what do your customers see on phones? More than likely, they view a miniaturized version of your current website. Apple decided to shrink all websites that appear on iPhones. And, other phone manufacturers either do the same thing or only display pieces and parts of pages. It is as if these manufacturers want to turn your small business into a teeny-tiny one. Don’t let them do this to you.

  1. What are customers doing when they discover one of these unfriendly websites?

Research among mobile web users found that two out of three consumers are dissatisfied with business websites on their phones. And, they don’t blame the phone manufacturers, they blame you. In fact, 40% of mobile users state that they leave unfriendly mobile sites and visit a competitor’s site.

Customers Are Attracted To Your Business When You Build Mobile Friendly Sites

The big companies have invested in customer friendly mobile sites, often described as mobile-friendly websites, to complement their websites. It has paid off in millions of dollars of sales for these companies. Correction, that is billions of dollars of sales. eBay alone has reported over $1 billion in sales from the mobile web last year.

Importantly, you have to understand that their mobile sites are not their current websites on mobile devices. These companies know that their customers situation is different when accessing the web from a mobile phone compared to their desktop computer. When customers are on a phone, they are on the go. They don’t have time to stroll through a content-filled website with lots of long stories, audio and video. They want the information they need while on the move, and they want it now.

Your mobile website must meet their needs and the specifications of the mobile web experience.

Is Your Business Website a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Now that you know the problem and the opportunity it presents you to grow your business, put the power of the mobile web to use. After all, you will be putting your business in the hands of your prospective and current customers 24/7. Not a bad deal, is it?

Source by Mitchell Cogert

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