Innovation becomes OPPO’s crowning glory as it finishes 2019 in style with Reno2

Innovation in technology – it’s the buzzword that we have read, heard and talked about for quite some time now, and rightfully so. A few years ago, who would have ever thought that our cameras, MP3 players, radios, maps, watches, and just about everything else would be substituted with just one device – our smartphone. Here we are, with smartphones taking innovation to the next level with every new launch and one brand that has been at the forefront of this revolution is
. From 20x digital zoom to World’s first Shark Fin pop-up camera with Bokeh effect in Video, OPPO has been doing a lot to stand apart from the crowd, and be a leader in innovation.

OPPO phones have always had an oomph factor that turns heads and makes tech-geeks overwhelmed with all their new launches. However, there is one area that OPPO has left an indelible mark – and that has to be in the world of camera innovations. Remember the sleek and unique rotating motorized camera that the brand introduced with OPPO N1? Well from that unique launch in 2013 to their latest 2019 launch – the
OPPO Reno2
, the tech giant has scaled greater heights without ever looking back. Here’s how OPPO has transformed the world of smartphone photography over the past few years.
The Rotating Camera

We all remember the time when our eyes first fell on the sleek OPPO N1 and its uber-cool rotating camera. OPPO catered to our need for a selfie camera, which is as powerful as the back cameras, way back in 2013. This unique innovation that gave selfies the limelight they deserve is one of the first camera innovations that has redefined the way mobiles are designed today.

The multi-camera set-up
Gone are the days when our cellphones boasted of one decent camera. From double, triple and now quad-camera set-ups, our smartphones are today at par with the professional DSLRs in capturing the beauty around us. And OPPO has been essential in this transformation. Take the latest
OPPO Reno2’s
rear camera for example. The quad-cam set-up of 48MP+13MP+8MP+2MP lenses is further powered with features like Ultra-Dark mode 2.0, Ultra Steady Video Stabilization and more, has already won the brand a lot of awards and accolades!

Amping up your selfies like a pro
OPPO has been focusing on making sure that our selfies are on point, far before the trend blew up as it has now. The first to launch inbuilt selfie beautification with the beauty filters and more, OPPO has been a key player in amping up our selfie game like no other brand. The tech giant was also the first to launch smartphones with 5MP and 16MP cameras. And with the OPPO Reno2, they have taken this a step further, ensuring that we get the perfect videos with world’s first shark fin pop up camera with Bokeh effect in video which will enable you to stand out amidst the crowd.

Zooming in to the future!
We all remember the buzz that surrounded OPPO’s announcement of
it 10X Hybrid Zoom innovation earlier this year. But the brand has always been a thought-leader on this front too. OPPO Reno2 has quad-camera with 20X digital zoom! All these avant-garde innovations have helped OPPO be one of the Top Innovators of the smartphone-verse !

In addition to these camera innovations, OPPO has always been a brand that has added value to your purchases. They were the first to introduce the Super VOOC flash charging technology and Hyperboost Technology that aided in optimising our systems. Just a few months back, the brand was the first to unveil the Innovative Under-Screen Camera Technology at the MWC Shanghai and the R&D team at OPPO as usual ensured that they stir up a unique and innovative storm yet again!

While the brand has made some stellar releases this year from OPPO F11 Pro to OPPO A9 2020, the launch of Reno2 series has been the talk of the town this festive season. The super- sleek phone has a glazed mesmerising finish that adds to its luxurious feel. OPPO Reno2 has everything from a reliable camera to a sturdy body. Right from 93.1% screen to body ratio to 6.5 inch Dynamic AMOLED display, Reno2 the first phone to have a quad camera with 20X digital zoom. The rear camera also comes with Ultra Dark Mode 2.0 that ensures to capture just about everything in different lighting conditions and also enables user to capture breath-taking shots in pitch dark environment. This feature-packed phone is therefore the perfect way for OPPO Mobiles to end 2019 on a super high note.

Disclaimer: This is a brand post and has been written by Times Internet’s spotlight team.

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