Preparation To Make Before Designing a Website

A website is a global face of the company and represents the company on international level. Hence it requires a planning and preparation. Everyone knows that if you have made enough preparation than it is almost certain that you will achieve a target. It is been observed that website designers often spend little time by watching competitor websites and template concepts and then immediately start designing website. Sorry to say but it is a very short term approach taken by them. Below are step mentioned which ideally a designer should take before designing a website:

1. Business Goal: Before starting it is important for a designer to understand the concept of the business which product they sell and what exactly they are expecting from their website. A designer should sit with the business department and understand which product they want to highlight on the website. However while implementing business ideas you should not forget customer from your mind. As they are the one who are going to use the website. So your website should be user friendly too.

2. Research & Analysis: Almost every website developer does this before starting developing website and one should do this. Analyzing competitor’s site will help you in finding their strength and weak points. What technology they have used on their site.

3. Sit and think: As you have done enough competitor analysis and business goal now it’s time to sit and creating a website design in your mind and keep creating till the time you didn’t get the right website design in your mind. Use your creativity to come up with a design which helps you in getting the right design.

4. Customer focus: The most important thing which needs to keep in mind is customer satisfaction. The best way to analyze your site design is by keeping yourself as a customer and checks the website by keeping customer point of view in mind.

5. Conceptualization of imagination: Now you have understood business goal, research & analysis, created a virtual design of your website and have understood the customer focus. So now it is time to give a shape to your website which was in your mind. There is a misconception in mind of many website designers or website design company that taking above mentioned steps will only increase their time spent on website design, however if you have everything ready than you will be amazed to see that design will take part to create and it also lessen the rework which is commonly found in part of conceptualization of website if prepared without making preparation.

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