Split Testing Your Facebook Ads – Why It's A Must

Split testing is an important aspect of Facebook Ads optimization. However, not all ad objectives support split testing so it's a bit unfortunate. Maybe in the future Facebook will allow split testing for all of their campaign objectives. For now, here's a list of objectives that support split testing:

App installs
Video views
Lead generation
Catalog sales

If you're on the fence about using this feature, and whether it's worth your time and money, read this short article to find out some of its benefits:

You might be asking now: What is split testing?

Well it's a feature you can use to test your ad's performance against a single or a set of variables and see which version of your ad is performing best so you can deactivate the ones that aren't delivering and keep or even accelerate the one or maximum two that are delivering the best results (Best ROI to be specific)

Variables can include gender, age, location, interest, and even certain dates and times to show your ad in the news feed.

1. You don't need to guess at what's working and what's not

Utilizing this feature of Facebook Ads, you get to cross off your list all those elements that are not working for your ads. By the end of a few tests, you'll know exactly what's working and what's resonating with your audience, and what's not. This will definitely help you save time in the future by now using those elements which are proven failures again, but you are also a step closer to creating the perfect high-converting ad for your business.

2. Your results are not due to luck

Some people get lucky with their first advert. But they're few and far in between. If you depend on luck, you're not going to get very far. Advertising means you need to spend money to reach people. If you depend on luck, you're throwing money to the wind. With split testing, you can pinpoint exactly what made your ad successful. You can say with certainty that these elements are the reason for your ad's success, and you can use the same elements again in your future campaigns.

3. It's a worthy investment

With split testing, you get to spend money up front, but once you find a winning campaign, you can easily recover the cash you've paid for those failed adverts. You just need to have a detailed plan in mind and at least have an idea of ​​the kinds of elements you'd want to test. There's an infinite number of elements and combinations for every advert, so you need to narrow down your choices from the get-go and not spend too much money. This is the smart way to do split tests, have a theory or objective in mind and set to prove that theory right (or wrong).

Source by Jalal N Zaitouni

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