Steps You Can Take to Make Money on the Web

Let me ask you a personal, have you made any money online yet? If you have, you’ve probably made enough to order a pizza, right? Here are some steps you need to take so that with your next pay check, you can order a new house.

Step 1 – Buy a domain

You need to buy a domain. A domain is the address of your website, like Buy a domain that has to do with your subject or business you are creating. I recommend getting one that has a .com and nothing else like .net or .org. Domains usually cost around $ 8 every year if you register it with GoDaddy.

Step 2 – Buy Hosting for you new site

The next thing you need is a host. This is someone who will store your site on a server so that anyone can access it. Hosting usually costs $ 8 a month. The hosts I recommend are Blue host, Host Monster, and Network Solutions. Once you get a host, you will need to either transfer your domain to them or point your domain to them. Get more info on that from your hosting company.

Step 3 – Build a website

This is not as scary as it may sound. If you know anything about HTML, then you can go ahead and build your own site. The easiest thing to do though is to just browse online and get a free template that has all the designs premade for you. You can also use WordPress which makes everything a lot easier. Just keep in mind that WP is more for people who plan on blogging or writing articles.

Step 4 – Market the Heck out of it

This is my favorite part. Once you have your product on your site or your affiliate links in place, all you have to do is go out and find a targeted audience and create a marketing plan stating how you will promote to them. You put up your link to your site on as many forums, articles, videos, etc, as you can. Let people know that you exist.

Source by Mike Booker

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