Types of Web Hosting Services

There are various types of web hosting services which you could select from depending on the type of website and web development that you would like to host. Here they are:

1. Dial-Up Access Hosting

Dial-Up Access Hosting would be the most basic hosting and access service and providers of this kind of service also offers a web page to host your site. This was the first ever kind of hosting that became available. A lot of internet service providers or ISP’s specialize in purely internet access and it would be rare to see an ISP that does both. Such companies are able to make money through providing internet access.

2. Development Hosting

Website developers are purchasing their own web servers and then offering independent hosting services to their customers. This is what they call development hosting, which would mean that they offer web development services as well as a host server, which is situated at their business location. The consumer would be charged for the website development and maintenance.

3. Web Hosting ISP’s

These would be the companies which specialize in the website hosting business. There would be no required dial-up access and the website owners would just access their web pages through FTP or File Transfer Protocol. This would be what most smaller businesses make use of in putting up their information online. There would possibly be other web services that might be included with the package depending on the service plan.

This type of hosting plan would usually work for companies that require a lot of bandwidth in operating their web applications. These would be the companies, which have several connections to one internet backbone and run T1 access lines. They also usually have numerous data processing facilities so prices for these services would be great.

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