What Will Be a Hot Business in 2009?

For some time now that I have been looking ahead into 2009. What will be a hot industry to get into? Last week I think I finally found it.

Last week I read the book “Why You’re DUMB, SICK, & BROKE . . . and How to Get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH” written by Randy Gage. In this book Randy Gage explains why the corporate world, traditional businesses, and the Rat Race will keep people dumb, sick, and broke.

In this book he devotes a chapter to some of the hottest businesses today and they are:

1] Real Estate

2] Network Marketing

3] Information Entrepreneur

There is much to talk about the first two but I would like to focus on the third option – becoming an information entrepreneur.

The beauty of an information entrepreneur is that anyone can become one. The concept is that everyone knows something about something. So why not turn that into a profitable business?

What are the steps that an Information entrepreneur needs to take in order to become known, accepted and successful?

1] Today in the world of Social Media it is critical that you set up a website or blog promoting your ideas, promoting your information. The more information you share the more you will become known and focus your efforts on building an audience. You audience are those who will be coming back to your blog or website for more of your information. They are thirsty for your information.

This will get you credibility on the World Wide Web.

2] Never ever leave out your local market. Work local – think global. For an information entrepreneur it’s always good to start from home/ local area and then to work your way out. Becoming known in your local market will help you reach other markets.

How can you become known in your local market?

  • Start meetings

    – Promote your self as a guest speaker

    – Volunteer to speak!

    – Start mastermind groups

    – Business cards

    – Brochures

    – Consulting services

    – Coaching programs

    – Public seminars

Your success in your local market will much depend on how you brand yourself. Do you have the best customer service? Do you dress properly? Are always prepared? Be creative!

3] Developing products is also an important tool when building your information business.

Product ideas include:

  • E-books

    – Magazines

    – Cd’s

    – Videos

    – Use your imagination!

Once you have developed your product – it is now time to promote it. Learn how you can get others to promote your product [affiliate marketing]. This is very important as it will give you the leverage that will help you increase sales.

4] Most important: You need to spend time on a daily basis educating yourself and staying ahead of the curve in your field. As you are establishing yourself as the ultimate expert it is critical that you be up to date with the latest news, changes and developments in your industry.

At the end of the day your goal should be that people will see you as the ultimate resource. You will see that the more up-to-date you are the more people will see you as the ultimate resource in your field!

Source by Hillel Porath

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